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Sitting on ground: Kavita Chadha,Kuldeep Kaur, Anju Mathur
Sitting 2nd row: Anju Jolly,Paramjeet,..........,Rajinder Kaur,Seema,Mrs Jasmine Gill,Jayanthi, Monica, Mini Awasthi, Ruby Jolly,Seema Kolhi
Standing 1st row: Harcharan Singh, Mukesh Ghai, Sarabjeet, Chandna, Mona, Prabjyot, Satinder
Standing 2 nd row: Suneet Sethia, Chandershekar, Gurjinder, Swraj, Sarabjeet, Vininder Singh(vinnie) , Charandeep(bobby), Amrik, Neeraj Sharma, Yatinder Jain, Bharat Bhushan, Gurdip Saini

Sitting on ground: Swraj, Amrik Singh, Sarabjeet, Yadvinder,Sanjeev,Jasjit Singh, Vininder Singh (vinnie), Charandeep
Sitting 2nd row: Seema, Neeta Sekhri, .........., .........., Shelly, Anju Jolly, Rajinder, Mrs Raksha Satija, Chandershekhar, Suneet Sethia, Yatinder, Bharat Bhushan, Sanjeev Jolly
Standing 1st row: Jagmohan, Mini Awasthi, ..........., Satinder, Kavita Chadha, Prabhjyot, Sarabjeet, Ajay Bharadwaj, Ruby Jolly, Vandana, Karambeer, Gurjinder Tiwana.
Standing last row: Rani, Seema, ........., ............., Simi, Mona, Manpreet, Jayant, Harshdeep, Paramjeet, Harcharan Kalsi, Anju Mathur, Kuldeep Kaur.


Mr Chanchal Singh
M.Sc (Mathematics), B.Ed
  1. Joined Service in Oct 1980 as lecturer in "35 Model".
  2. Promoted as Dy DEO, Chandigarh in June 1994.
  3. Simultaneously worked as Asst Director(Vocational) for 2 years.
  4. presently working as Dy DEO, Chandigarh


  1. Service Appreciation by Chandigarh Administration in 2008.


H.No 1076, Sec 44B, Mob No: 9417224533; e mail:

Monday, May 18, 2009


M.A (Eco), M.Com, M. Ed

  1. Joined Service on 14 Sep 1973.
  2. Served in GHS Maloya, Badheri, GSSS Sec-19 till 1979.
  3. Served in GMHS Sec-35D from 13 Jul 1979 - 07 Jan 1988.
  4. Served as Headmaster in Haryana from 08 Jan 1988 - 30 Apr 1993.
  5. Served as Headmaster in GMHS Sec 26 from 30 Apr 1993 - 25 Jun 1998.
  6. Served as Principal GMSSS Sec 33 from 15 Jul 1998 - 31 Oct 2007.
  7. Presently Dy DEO, Panchkula, Haryana.


  1. State Award in Sep 1994.
  2. National Award in Sep 1997.
  3. Lifetime Achievement Award on 12 Oct 2004.
  4. Shanti Doot Award in Aug 2005.
  5. Recieved the Best School Award in Aug 2004 from Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, President of India.


H NO 392, Sec 11, Panchkula. Ph: 2572392, Mob: 9417004062

Saturday, May 16, 2009


{Photograph Courtesy : Ms Shobita Kohli (1986)}
Standing(L to R): Poonam, Babita, Priti, Gagandeep, Amandeep, Sangeeta Suri, Sangeeta, Shobita Kohli, Meenu
Sitting(L to R): Leena, Kulpreet,Onkarjot, Anupama

1986 Batch opens its account with this photograph sent by Ms Shobita Kohli. Hope others from the batch pick up the thread from here and continue.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


It is without doubt an achievement to get a list of names of the Class of 1976; a batch which can well and truly be called one of the pioneer batches. Mr Arvind Sudarshan (1976 Batch) met us today and gave us this list and it was indeed very impressive to see him recall his batchmates "Roll No Wise". Arvind Sir also gave us names of a few students from 1975, 1977 & 1978 batches. Since there were only one or two names from each of these batches, I would wait till someone from these batches gives a substantial list. As mentioned earlier, the onus is now on the batch to provide more inputs in terms of contact information and photographs etc. of the batch.
  • Arvind Sudarshan - ITO - Chandigarh - 09417203597 -
  • Dr Kuldeep Jaiswal - Himachal Pradesh
  • Sukhminder Kaur
  • Anju Aaggarwal
  • Hardeep Singh Mann - Canada
  • Sukhjit Singh
  • Dr Sushil Anand - Reconstrucive Surgeon - Australia
  • Raminder Singh
  • Gurpreet Singh Grewal
  • Ravinder Vij
  • Gurpreet Kaur
  • Mohinder Pal Singh
  • Vipin Sharma - Production Engineer
  • Vandana Raikhey
  • Nandita Shukla
  • Manju Singh
  • Harjit Singh
  • Mukesh Jaitley
  • Deepak Gulati
  • Shanjit S Bhullar
  • Suman Sethi
  • Harbhajan Singh
  • Sushil Kaushal
  • Rajesh Pasricha
  • Rahul
  • Vaneeta Kochar
  • Parminder Singh
  • Kirpal Singh
  • Aditya Gupta
  • Seema
  • Harinder Singh
  • Balwinder kaur

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


{Photograph Courtesy: Dr Sandeep Mohindra (Feb, 1988)}
Top Row Standing ; ------, Manpreet Singh, --------, Pankaj Verma, Achal Sarna, Vineet Maheshwari, Pawan Preet Singh, ---------, Gulshan Dhawan, Sandeep Mohindra
Middle Row Standing ; Anil Kumar, Subhash Chander, Deepa Batra, Uma Sharma, -----------, Vibha Sharma, Prabhjot Kaur, Niraj Jetly, Vivek Kumar, Ajay Sharma, Dickey Walia.
Lower Row Standing ; Sushma, ----------, Neera Malhotra, -----------, ------------, Deepika Chopra, Manisha Kishore, Sonu Aggarwal, ---------, ----------, Jugnu Sarai, -----------
Lower Sitting ; Ms Raj Kumari(Hindi), Ms Tejinder Kaur, Ms Nargis, Ms Mehta, Principal Ms Raikhey, Ms Jasmine Gill(English), Mr Karan Singh(Science), Mr Chanchal Singh(Maths), Mr Dinesh(Sanskrit)

{Photograph Courtesy: Dr Sandeep Mohindra (Jan 1980)}
Top Row Standing ; ---------, Rajiv Chugh, Bhupesh Kakkar, Anu, --------, --------, ----------
Second Row Standing ; Niraj Kumar, Subhash Chander, Niraj Jetly, Pankaj Verma, Achal Sarna, Ajay Sharma, Anil Kumar, Dickey Walia, Kaka, ---------
Third Row Standing ; Naveen Sapra, Sandeep Mohindra, Rajiv Thakur, Sanjeev Chadha, Naveen Gupta, Kailash Sharma, Pawan Preet Sarna, Vineet Maheshwari, Hitender Rao, ------------
Sitting on Benches ; -----------, ---------------, Deepika Chopra, Vibha Sharma, Uma, Ms SS Sodhi(English Teacher), Deepa Batra, -----------, ------------------, Kitty, Sonu Aggarwal, -----------
Sitting on Ground ; Sangeeta, ---------, ----------, Rajiv Ahuja, ----------, Neera Malhotra

{Photograph Courtesy: Dr Sandeep Mohindra,(Aug 1986)}
Annual Science Fair 1986, Venue ; Ground Floor School Porch, besides Water Taps
From Left; ----------(1987 batch), Ms Sushil Nijhawan(Science), ---------(1987 batch), --------------, Subhash Chander, Manpreet Singh, Naveen Gupta, Sandeep Mohindra, Niraj Jetly.

Dr Sandeep Mohindra has sent his batch photographs, thus keeping his promise. He has tried to recollect as many names as he could. Now it is for the batch mates to fill up the blank spaces.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


It has been nearly 2 months since this blog was launched at spur of the moment. Managing this blog has been a roller coaster ride so far. Preoccupations of work, network problem in a very arduous area from where the blog has so far been written, and quite a few unwilling alumni have all helped in making the blog what it has turned out to be!!! But the positives have been far too many to bother about the negatives and so I have carried on and intend continuing, of course with the support and encouragement from friends. Mentioning some would undermine the contribution of others. So, thanks to everyone who has written even a word of encouragement. However, there is a niggling thought in my mind and I just want to share it.
We all human beings can compare ourselves with a TREE with Roots, Branches and Flowers & Fruits. Whatever fragrance or goodwill we are spreading is only because of the strength given to us by our roots and the kind of flowers that we have grown up to produce, by virtue of our qualification, profession and the position that we are in today. Can we, for even a moment, undermine the importance of any of these roots, branches or flowers while defining ourselves? I am sure the answer would be a big 'NO'. Then why does one get the feeling that may be some of the alumni are not too willing to associate themselves with the school (which is without doubt our Root) and idea of reconnecting with their school class fellows? While many of the old school fellows have shown such enthusiasm that can stir a revolution, there are some who have only given out negative vibes despite numerous calls and mails. Is it because of their incidental preoccupation over the last 60 odd days that they could not even go on to the blog and give a feedback, leave alone inputs? Some have doubted the very purpose of the blog and the blog master having some selfish designs!!!!! Why this hesitation or doubt?
One is not directing this query at anyone in particular as one need not bother about unwilling workers, but just wondering if there is anything worth feeling awkward about our Alma Mater. A school, which has produced a long list of Professionals, Civil Services Officers, Successful Managers, Entrepreneurs, Armed Forces Officers and so on, from within the batches from the initial stage of its inception; not to talk of the prestigious place it occupies in the list of Educational Institutions in Chandigarh today, is sure worth feeling proud of. This, despite the fact that it is a Govt. School that has functioned with scarcity of resources and has never encouraged its students to show off the financial prosperity of their parents and guardians. A school that has not got into “the business of imparting education” by organising fĂȘtes, Car Rallies or other frivolous activities to gain popularity in media.
Many a times in our lives we get so embroiled in our day to day chores that our past begins to fade in our memory, something that needs to be cherished because I believe that when we become old and start tracing the path of our journey of life, it should not happen that the beginning itself appears blurred. The efforts to learn how to write an “A”, the cursive writing to form a word, the endless use of a pencil and eraser to draw a straight line, the favourite and the dreaded teachers, childhood sweetheart, the feeling on hearing the final bell indicating end of the school day; all these activities are still happening in our life but at a different level and we seem to be enjoying it today. So, what better way to cherish those days gone bye, than to sit with the people who shared your desk and class room and chat; a pleasure you can’t derive chatting with the wealthiest or the most powerful person in the world. I leave the thought open for all of you to dwell on. I may be over reacting or may be opening a channel of thought. But I am doing loud thinking and the thoughts are all mine.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Dr Harvinder Taneja of 1989 batch has sent the list of his batch from US. Dr Taneja is a Neurologist based in USA and needless to say, another gem in the crown of 35 Model. Harvinder has also promised to help update his batch list. Thanks Harvinder. Hope the list gets thegroup photograph of batch also soon.
  • Harvinder Taneja - Neurologist - USA -
  • Anil Kumar Chauhan
  • Anup Jain
  • Naveen Upreti
  • Gurpreet Singh
  • Sandeep Mittal
  • Ashish Kishore
  • Devinder Singh
  • Prubhjot Singh
  • Amit Singhi
  • Munish Vohra - SDE, BSNL Chandigarh - -  9463000327
  • Dheeraj Sharda
  • Harinder Singh
  • Ankush Ghai
  • Anu Aggarwal
  • Amita Sharma
  • Ritu Dutta
  • Payal Puri
  • Arunita Sharma
  • Anjum Chuttani -
  • Renu Sharma
  • Sahita Kohli
  • Abha Thakur
  • Simran Tiwana
  • Daljeet Maan -